Again with Anthony Flew

At the Discovery Institute blog Evolution News and Views, Robert Crowther links with excitement to an interview with former atheist Anthony Flew. Of course, this is yet another example of Little Johnnyism, in other words, “Look! Little Johnny was an atheist once, and then he saw the light. Why can’t you be more like little Johnny?”

Intelligent design proponents must ask themselves the following: If a well known theist casts his/her faith aside and embraces atheism, will this lead me to believe I am wrong? If they’re honest, the answer will be no, and they should recognise that the Little Johnny approach will never win their opponents over to their side of the debate.

However, given that ID depends upon logical fallacy upon logical fallacy, I don’t hold much hope for an improvement in debating tactics from the likes of Robert Crowther.


~ by Sammy Jankis on November 4, 2007.

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