“God loves you. Ergo, God exists”

This morning, for the first time in many many years, I was confronted with an evangelist. My flatmate and I had made our way down to the football pitch and proceeded to kick the soccer ball about with a couple of local kids when a young man came over and introduced himself. His purpose for approaching me quickly became apparent. Because there was no door to close whilst saying “no thanks” I was a little stuck and couldn’t really escape a conversation, and he seemed quite polite so I thought I’d see where it lead.

‘So are you a Christian?’ ‘No’. ‘Do you believe in life after death?’. ‘No’. ‘So when you die that’s it?’ ‘Yes, and I’m OK with that’.

From there it was all about how it was fate that he had chosen to come and speak to me and not someone else on the football pitch, how wonderful rewards would await me in the after-life if I accepted Jesus, and how did I know what was good and what was bad if I had no ‘point of reference. What was most noticeable however was the repeated assertion that this particular god loves me and everyone else and all we had to do was believe. He seemed to believe that at some point I’d think, “Hey, what a great deal! Sign me up!” and he’d have an extra point in his conversions column.

Saying “God loves you!” has no meaning to me since I don’t believe in the existence of said god.


~ by Sammy Jankis on November 17, 2007.

2 Responses to ““God loves you. Ergo, God exists””

  1. Maybe it does work sometimes. I can’t believe telemarketers can sell Indian phone plans over a fuxzzy line, but they must do mustn’t they? Jesus will save you alright. Save you for later. Accept snake handling man.

  2. Kudos, Sammy. You answered his questions politely but firmly, and your responses to his queries were sound and rational. That’s what comes of engaging with apologetics nonsense on the intertubes for so long: we’ve heard all the arguments, and we know how to respond to them.

    These door-to-door Christers prey on those who haven’t thought these things through. That’s why knowledge is, as they say, power.

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