Convoluted Logic 101 with Dinesh D’Souza

In his latest offering of logical diarrhea at Townhall  Dinesh D’Souza purports to explain Why the Left Hates Democracy:

Commenting on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, I recently commented that there are three groups that oppose democracy in the Muslim world: the secular dictators like Musharaff, the Islamic radicals of the Bin Laden stripe, and the cultural left here in America.  In response, several people expressed indignation. One challenged me to provide a single example of a leftist who opposed Muslim democracy.

He goes onto provide examples of opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq because, you know, if you opposed those wars you hate democracy.  The massive opposition to the Iraq war in particular, not only in ‘Old Europe’ but in the US as well, wasn’t due to concerns over an apparent lack of post-war planning, or because of a dismal lack of evidence for weapons of mass destruction, but because of a hatred of democracy.

Notice how the cultural left routinely condemns Bush for “hypocrisy” in using the rhetoric of democracy while the U.S. is allied with secular despots, but very rarely do leftists call for free elections in countries like Syria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

I see – if someone doesn’t spend all their time calling for free elections in countries like Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, it means they don’t want to see free elections in countries like Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  Dinesh, if you ask a lefty the question: “Would you like to see democracy in Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia?”, what do you honestly believe they would say?  You know the answer.  Stop being a tool.  But tell us anyway Dinesh, why is it that you believe the left opposes democracy in the Muslim world?

The reason is simple. Muslims are socially conservative and generally want a greater role for Islam in their private and public lives. Consequently Muslim democracies are likely to be more conservative socially than they are when secular despots rule them. The left fears Muslim democracy because it is terrified of Muslim values, especially sharia or Muslim holy law. Feminists and gays are not likely to fare very well under Muslim holy law.

Perhaps the left does have a concern that the rights of homosexuals and women may go backwards should conservative Islamic-based parties gain power in some predominantly Muslim countries, but this doesn’t mean they automatically oppose democracy in those countries.  Look at Iran, it’s hard to imagine the situation for gays getting any worse should the country suddenly become a proper functioning democracy.  And it’s interesting that social conservatives like D’Souza constantly write scary articles about sharia law coming to western liberal democracies through ‘islamification’ but when it comes to sharia law in the middle east it’s a case of so what? 

The very title of the the piece reveals that it will be more of the same nonsense we’ve come to expect from articles with a title adopting the Why the Left Hates (Insert Noun Here) formula.


~ by Sammy Jankis on January 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Convoluted Logic 101 with Dinesh D’Souza”

  1. According to Dinesh D’Souza, 9/11 was the fault of the liberal values of the American cultural left. Those liberal values (pro-feminist, pro-gay) so offended Muslim traditionalists that they had no option but to fly those planes into those buildings.

    Early in D’Souza’s career he was outing gay students at Dartmouth College. This is what passes for the cream of intellectual conservatism in the US.

  2. Oh dear,

    The left fears Muslim democracy because it is terrified of Muslim values, especially sharia or Muslim holy law.

    Or in other words, the left likes liberal democracy. If holy law is implemented by the state you have a theocracy, not a democracy, hence the objection of much of the left to the state imposition of these “values” by the state.


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