It’s a sign!

At Uncommon Descent contributor ‘salamanca’ informs us of a change in the release date of the ID propaganda film Expelled:

The official release date now is the weekend of April 18th. Saturday, April 19th, is the day that Darwin died. Perhaps this shift of dates is not coincidental.

If you’re going to see Expelled opening weekend, think about seeing it on the 19th to celebrate Darwinism’s passing.

(My emphasis)

You have to feel sort of sorry for the ID crowd.  Year after year they predict the end of evolutionary biology. “This is it!  This is the year!”  Do they honestly believe that evolution is going to be replaced with their pseudo-scientific alternative?

Like those kids trying to sell lemonade from their parents front lawn (the lemonade being a jug of tap water with a few wedges of lemon chucked in), they’re trying hard but you know no one’s buying.

It’s so sad.


~ by Sammy Jankis on February 24, 2008.

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