Desperate times at the Discovery Institute

Read the title of this post at the Discovery Institute‘s Ministry of Truth, Evolution News & Views:

Florida Legislator Cites “Inherit the Wind” as Authority for Opposing Academic Freedom in Evolution Debate

Now you’re probably thinking “Really? A Florida legislator appealed to a fictionalised account of the Scopes trial as an authority in opposition to the ID friendly Academic Freedom Act in Florida? I doubt that was the legislator’s intent.” And you know what, you’d be exactly right. This is what Florida’s Senate Minority Leader, Steve Geller, actually said:

Geller … said he was reminded of his high-school days, when he took part in a production of “Inherit the Wind,” Jerome Lawrence’s and Robert E. Lee’s fictionalized drama about the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial in which a Tennessee teacher was tried for teaching evolution.

“I never thought I’d be in the Florida Senate in the 21st century, still having the same debate about evolution,” said Geller, adding he hopes Storms’ bill, which he called “divisive,” never gets heard in committee.

So he was reminded of being a part of Inherit the Wind in his high-school days and that he’s surprised to find himself debating these issues in the Florida senate in 2008. That’s it. The remarks above were actually quoted at EN&V, but watch how DI shill John West spins it:

Now we know where some Florida legislators who oppose academic freedom in the evolution debate are getting their ideas about evolution. And it’s not from any science textbook. It’s from the bombastic play Inherit the Wind, long discredited by historians for its fantasy version of the history of the Scopes trial.

So in the article West quotes from the Tampa Tribune it is mentioned that Inherit the Wind is a fictionalised account of the Scopes trial, and West sees a need to point out that it has been discredited by historians. Good work John. Did these historians also discredit the Star Wars saga, revealing that all those things a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, didn’t actually happen?

So Geller thinks he knows all there is to know about the evolution debate because he played a part in a high school production of Inherit the Wind?! What next? Will he claim he’s an expert about space exploration because he once dressed up as Mr. Spock at a Star Trek convention? It’s hard to parody the defenders of Darwin’s theory, because they go out of their way to make themselves so ridiculous.

No John, it is yourself and the ID movement that are beyond parody. You can’t argue against what people actually say, so in sheer desperation you re-interpret their words in such a way as to make them appear foolish. But anyone with more than one functioning brain cell will see right through this.


~ by Sammy Jankis on March 15, 2008.

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