The womans are coming!

Oh Noes! :

An Anglican splinter group has warned that the consecration of Perth Archdeacon Kay Goldsworthy as Australia’s first woman bishop tonight will pave the way for the appointment of openly gay priests and further deepen the rift between Church factions.

Bishop Harry Entwistle, who heads the WA chapter of the breakaway conservative group the Traditional Anglican Communion, said the consecration would add weight to the call from liberal Church elements to accept gay priests and bishops.

Teh gays are coming!

These 1950’s style religious folk just can’t get enough of the slippery-slope argument. The thing is, the slippery slope argument doesn’t help Harry Entwistle’s case as much as he thinks. Many would respond to his claim with “Yeah. And?

It’s also interesting to note that he believes a course of action is best not pursued if it is contentious. If he thinks female bishops are a bad idea he should give reasons why. The exact same line of argument could have been used in justifying separate schools for black and white children. “Oh, we can’t put black children in with the white children because it will create tension in the community”.


~ by Sammy Jankis on May 23, 2008.

One Response to “The womans are coming!”

  1. Many would respond to his claim with “Yeah. And?”

    And . . . then God would drown us all in a big flood.

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