On “Why do you hate God?”

We’ve heard it numerous times. You’ve encountered someone going by the name of ‘Truth Speaker’ on the interwebs on a discussion board or a blog. The argument is getting more and more intense and just like clockwork there it is:

“You atheists just hate God”

Other flavours of this approach include:

“You just don’t want to live by God’s rules”
“You’re just angry at God”
“You’ve turned you back on God”
“You’ve rejected God”

Why do some conservative religious types insist on using this rhetorical device? Anyone with a functioning brain cell can see the problem with it, and even though you point it out they just won’t give it up. It seems the existence of someone who doesn’t believe in their deity of choice and is at the same time living a happy and fulfilling existence scares the bejesus out of them and this poor excuse for an argument is how they stick their head in the sand.

It’s an argument stopper. How can one continue an argument with someone who claims that you don’t actually know what you believe? Someone who claims to know the inner workings of your mind better than you do? You can’t. The “You just hate God” argument is short for “I don’t want to hear any more. You’re challenging my sacred beliefs and it’s making me uncomfortable. I’ll just pretend you don’t really mean what you’re saying and that deep down you’re on my side, even if you don’t realise it.”

Is there any way to talk sense into someone who tries this on?


~ by Sammy Jankis on August 31, 2008.

8 Responses to “On “Why do you hate God?””

  1. Personally, I like “I am angry/reject/etc. God, just as I’m angry etc. at The Tooth Fairy.”
    But it’s been my experience that nothing you say is really going to make them think about it. And since I’m not as eloquent an atheist as, say, Hitchins, I settle for satirical mockery.

  2. Another approach is to ask “Why do you hate Vishnu?”

  3. Another approach is to ask “Why do you hate Vishnu?”

    I like that, although there is there is the remote possibility that they believe that their was a “Vishnu” aka “Demon in disguise to fool men into worshipping false gods”.

    What about something that is unambiguously fictional? “Why do you hate the Invisible Pink Unicorn?”

  4. Why do you hate Tom Bombadil?

  5. In as far as being a character in a book, Tom Bombadil is real. Maybe I should have used another word other than “fictional”. Unreal? I say this because I do hate Tom Bombadil!

  6. gss yr bsc prblm s tht y r wnkr, pstng pthtcll n blg nbd rds.

  7. Kevin, when you grow up or grow a brain (preferably both), feel free to come back and comment on the topic under discussion.

  8. Why does Kevin Dunn hate his vowels? 🙂

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