Stoush at Uncommon Descent

Holy heck!  I was just nosing about in the ‘Would you want your child to marry an atheist?’ thread at Uncommon Descent that I mentioned earlier, and there’s a slight glimmer of sanity to be found within.  A commenter, Fross, gives some details of his life as an atheist to receive this response from UD contributor BarryA:

6 BarryA 11/11/2008 1:20 am

Fross, your comment at [5] fascinates me. You use words and phrases like “good quality,” “fair,” “good people,” “should be treated,” “should have the opportunity,” “should [not] be taken,” etc. Yet, you seem oblivious to the fact that if your fundamental premise is correct, it follows as surely as night follows day that these words and phrases are utterly meaningless. The way you manage the cognitive dissonance is a wonder to behold.

Typical religio-nut arrogance.

If you don’t believe in my skydaddy you have no right to speak of good and bad, or right and wrong.

But then fellow UD contributor DaveScot enters the fray:

30 DaveScot  11/11/2008 12:48 pm


Would you be a bad person if you didn’t believe God wanted you to be a good person?

If forgiveness and everlasting life is available through Christ even for miscreants who rape, torture, and kill children where’s the disincentive in your religion for raping, torturing, and killing children? It seems to me that secular law is the source of the disincentives and your concept of universal forgiveness acts as an incentive.

How do you handle the cognitive dissonance in that?

Anyone familiar with Uncommon Descent will be familiar with DaveScot and know that his attacks on evolution and his defense of intelligent design come from the standard ID propaganda mould.  But what’s unusual about him is that, unlike his fellow contributors, DaveScot seems to have little time for raving religious whackaloons and their kindergarten level apologetics:

34 BarryA 11/11/2008 1:43 pm

DaveScot, don’t have time to knock down the multiple strawmen you erected in [30]. Another day perhaps.


38 DaveScot 11/11/2008 3:48 pm


Yeah, I’ve yet to run into anyone who had the time to explain to me how the “strawman” of universal forgiveness works to discourage behavior that most theists and atheists alike find abhorrent. Buddhists have a great explanation. If you act like a worm in this life you come back as a worm in the next life.

Let me know when you have more time.


This isn’t the first time this has happened.  On one occasion DaveScot tangled with young earth creationist poster boy Jonathan ‘6000 year old earth’ Sarfati over whether divinely sanctioned genocide was morally questionable:

As many of us know, God, according to the Old Testament, did indeed command the killing of babies.

My position is that in the ordering of baby killing God was wrong and therefore cannot be a trusted source of moral absolutes. If the Old Testament is a true accounting of God’s interaction with the world then I have no choice but to conclude that my morals are superior to His. But rather than believe that I choose to believe that the Old Testament is not a true account of God’s interaction with the world but is rather, at least in part, a rather destructive immoral human fabrication created during a much more barbaric, violent time and place in world history when the sword was more respected than the olive branch.


4 Jonathan Sarfati  05/09/2008 11:37 am

How crass. As the Creator of life, God has the right to take it.

After a bit more banter Sarfati found himself out on his ear:

83 DaveScot  05/10/2008 2:24 am

jonathan safarti

I don’t care for your tone in that last comment. Goodbye.



~ by Sammy Jankis on November 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Stoush at Uncommon Descent”

  1. Oh heck, I’ve never looked at the UD site before and probably never will again, what a bunch of tards.

    I am so over the ‘moral absolute’/’moral authority’ (MA) argument (I’m being hammered about it on my own blog) it’s been shot to pieces so many times by so many people, but the religious still cling to it tenaciously.

    One good thing from your article, and reading some of the UD link, now I’ve got a few more good arguments against the MA argument.

  2. Oh heck, I’ve never looked at the UD site before and probably never will again, what a bunch of tards.

    It’s sort of like CultureWatch, whereby the stupid found there almost hurts but you keep going back anyway purely because it’s such a rich source of blog fodder. Ed Brayton of Dispatches often says the same of World Nut Daily.

  3. DaveScot’s function is to maintain the pretense that ID has “nothing to do with religion.”

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