‘But we’re not about religion…’

•September 22, 2008 • 2 Comments

Intelligent design creationists go to great lengths to assure their secular audiences that their ‘theory’ is not in any way connected to religion. So why’s Dembski talking up a Christian apologetics conference at Uncommon Descent?

The nation’s leading Christian apologists will speak at Hickory Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC on November 7th and 8th to present The National Conference on Christian Apologetics, presented by the Southern Evangelical Seminary. The theme of this year’s conference is, “A Summit On Defense of the Biblical Worldview.” Plenary and elective sessions will provide solid apologetics content, touching on how the Christian worldview relates to the home, the church, and the culture.

Original source: Christian News Wire

For a movement based ‘solely on the science’ they sure spend a lot of time sulking about atheists and talking up Christianity. And if they’re not doing that they’re taking on the evil climate change lobby, or perhaps giving props to Sarah Palin while sticking the boot into Obama.

Guys, just stop beating about the bush and say it loud and proud – ID is all about God. There. Feel better?

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Someone in need of a good lie down…

•September 21, 2008 • 1 Comment

Stumbled upon an article at Canada Free Press by one Bruce Walker which had me shaking my head in disbelief. Well, maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised; it was after all the same website that published this dreck by some tool who saw fit to deal with criticism by accusing his critic of being a paedophile. Read all about it here.

Anyway, I could tell what I was in store for just by reading the title:

The Prophet Obama, Global Leader of Godless Leftism


While the 2008 presidential race tightens dramatically among American voters, there is little doubt that Barack Obama would win a landslide if the election were held outside of the United States. Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Germans want Obama to be elected president. British rock singers, while making crude and offensive remarks about President Bush, explain how desperately they want Obama to defeat McCain.

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go and eat worms.

It should not surprise us that so many leaders of the Left outside America have openly called for an Obama victory or have lionized the hapless Democrat. Walter Veltroni, the Italian Leftist leader, has been called “Obama’s European Counterpart.”

Oh noes! How dare a political figure in another country comment on US politics! No doubt he would have been equally horrified by John Howard’s endorsement of George Bush the last time he in an election race?

He was one of Obama’s first overseas supporters. He met with the Democrat candidate in 2005, long before Obama was a heavyweight contender for the Democrat nomination. The Italian Leftist is a perfect model for the European treatment of Obama as some sort of prophet. Is it any surprise that Walter Veltroni is also an unapologetic atheist?

It’s a conspiracy I tells ya! An not just any conspiracy it seems. Oh no, this is an evil atheist conspiracy! Don your tinfoil hats.

There is common theme here. Barack Obama has become The Prophet Obama. He is not a prophet of Islam, whatever goofs he makes on television about his “Muslim faith” or however much nutty Moslems like Quadafi may praise him. No: Barack Obama is not a Moslem. His faith is very different. Obama believes in the god of Marx.

(My emphasis)

At this point we can be certain that we need not take Bruce Walker seriously. Bruce, most people stopped checking for reds under their beds in the late 50’s. You’re not engaging in any serious political analysis here, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

He believes, as well, that he is the great prophet of this secular religion. People in less sophisticated areas of our nation may cling to the God of the Bible, but Obama, like other European Leftists, knows that Das Kapital is the only Holy Scripture which is eternally and immutably true.

The stupid! It hurts! Not only is this type of rhetoric well and truly divorced from reality, it’s also extremely boring. It’s also frustrating since you know anyone who seriously believes this kind of nonsense can never be reasoned with.

Like his wife and like his preacher, Obama views America as the “main enemy” in the world.

Evidence for the above? None.

The article just descends further into mindless dribble about ‘Marx’, ‘intolerant environmentalism’, ‘anti-judgmental theology’, ‘spiritual suicide’ and ‘the despair of atheism’.

It’s funny you know – you don’t even need to make any effort to fisk this kind of crap. You simply quote it verbatim and it discredits itself.

Yanked out of Yankee Stadium

•September 4, 2008 • 1 Comment

New York police officers pinned a man’s arm behind his back and ejected him from Yankee Stadium on Tuesday evening. Perhaps you’re thinking “Well he probably deserved it. No doubt he was drunk, disturbing other spectators and generally causing trouble.”

Guess again:

The incident began during the patriotic 7th inning stretch at Yankee Stadium, when nature called on Bradford Campeau-Laurion. When he tried to leave his seat during the traditional singing of God Bless America, however, he says he was stopped by a NYPD officer who said he’d have to wait until the song was done.

“I then said to him, ‘I don’t care about God Bless America. I just need to use the bathroom.’ As soon as I said that, he immediately pinned my arm behind my back,” Campeau-Laurion told CBS 2.

The 29-year-old says two officers pinned both of his arms behind his back and ejected him from the stadium.

“He shoved me out the front gate and told me get out of their country if I didn’t like it,” he said.

The NYPD: To serve and protect, and to thuggishly harass those who won’t submit to mindless religio-nationalism.

It’s times like this when I get a little patriotic myself – how great is it to live in a country where the national anthem is nothing more than an annoying tune that delays the start of the footy by a few minutes?

On “Why do you hate God?”

•August 31, 2008 • 8 Comments

We’ve heard it numerous times. You’ve encountered someone going by the name of ‘Truth Speaker’ on the interwebs on a discussion board or a blog. The argument is getting more and more intense and just like clockwork there it is:

“You atheists just hate God”

Other flavours of this approach include:

“You just don’t want to live by God’s rules”
“You’re just angry at God”
“You’ve turned you back on God”
“You’ve rejected God”

Why do some conservative religious types insist on using this rhetorical device? Anyone with a functioning brain cell can see the problem with it, and even though you point it out they just won’t give it up. It seems the existence of someone who doesn’t believe in their deity of choice and is at the same time living a happy and fulfilling existence scares the bejesus out of them and this poor excuse for an argument is how they stick their head in the sand.

It’s an argument stopper. How can one continue an argument with someone who claims that you don’t actually know what you believe? Someone who claims to know the inner workings of your mind better than you do? You can’t. The “You just hate God” argument is short for “I don’t want to hear any more. You’re challenging my sacred beliefs and it’s making me uncomfortable. I’ll just pretend you don’t really mean what you’re saying and that deep down you’re on my side, even if you don’t realise it.”

Is there any way to talk sense into someone who tries this on?

Hooray for Hallmark

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I don’t know any gay people who are getting married, but I might buy some of these Hallmark cards just to piss off the American Family Association:

Hallmark is a private company obviously driven by greed. Let them know you do not appreciate Hallmark promoting a lifestyle which is illegal in 48 states. American Greeting Cards, Hallmark’s competitor, does not offer same-sex marriage cards.


* Send an e-mail to Hallmark. Ask them to stop promoting a lifestyle that is not only unhealthy, but is also illegal in 48 states.
* Forward this to your friends and family.

Why does the 21st century hate families?

Flag bearing woman delays apocalypse

•August 14, 2008 • 1 Comment

Want to carry the flag for Iran at the next Olympic Games? Don’t forget your penis…

Iranian religious figures have criticised that Olympic female rower Homa Hosseini was chosen as the flagbearer of Iran, calling the move a ‘heresy’.

“To make a woman march with the flag of the Islamic Republic in Beijing, is pure heresy and shows total disobedience of the laws mandated by our spiritual guides,” said Seyye Ahmad Elmalhoda, leader of Friday prayers in Iran’s holy city of Mashad.

Oh noes! Iranian women are bringing enough shame upon their country as it is by being raped, and now this.

“To make this woman march means to openly declare war to our religious values. Whoever is responsible for this unforgivable act, he should know that this gesture constitutes an obstacle for the ‘appearance’ of Mahdi,” said Elmalhoda.

He was referring to the mainly Shia Islam belief that imam Mohammed al-Mahdi will appear to fight a final apocalyptic battle over the forces of evil.

Followers believe he was born in the year 868 and has been in hiding ever since awaiting a decision from god to reappear.

“This woman”. Touching. It’s funny though, most people would be thanking someone who managed to delay the end of the world. But I suppose everything’s different when you’re a member of misogynistic, hate-driven death cult.

If you ask me, an open declaration of war against these kinds of religious values is more than welcome.

I’m back.

•August 10, 2008 • 1 Comment

Well I have been for two weeks now. But with things like getting a job, catching up with friends and relatives, looking for a car, pre-start for a house and other things on the ‘to do’ list I haven’t had a chance to get back to blogging.  Hopefully I’ll be back to it within a week or so. 

Stay tuned.